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Mag-Magnet Technology Co., ltd
Address: Room 508 A Area Huafeng Technopark Xinhu Road Baoan Shenzhen 518100 China
Tel: 0086-755-33231556; 0086-755-29418482
Skype: walterxia
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Our History
Mag-Magnet company founded in 1991; Its Ferrite Magnet factory founded in 1995; its Flexible Magnetic Material factory founded in 1999; Its Neodymium (NdFeB) factory founded in 2002. Its Magnetic Assembly factory founded in 2006.

High Technology
Mag-Magnet has itself Research of Development (R&D) lab, and has been cooperation with China famous universities, having two patents about Magnetic Assembly.

Manufacturing Ability
Mag-Magnet possess high efficiency line of Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet annual output 600 tons, Flexible Magnetic Material 8000 tons, Magnetic Assembly over 80 millions pieces, Ferrite Magnet 6000tons, SmCo Magnet 60 tons.

Quality Level
Mag-Magnet factories have acquired the Quality Management System Certificate of ISO9001 and ISO14000 by CQC, and are applying QS14969. And our all products meet RoHS requirement.

Our Promise
Mag-Magnet provides superior service and high quality products at competitive price. Thats our promise and its your assurance of satisfaction from the Force in Magnets.

Social Responsibility
Mag-Magnet only hires as an employee under law permission. Becomes Continuous Improvement and Environmental-Friendly Enterprise.